Winner Wednesday: Morgan Valley Lamb

Baaaaaaaaaaa, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

As a daughter of a sheep farmer from Sanpete County, I have always loved lamb. As I shared my love for the meat, some of my friends would turn up their noses, for a moment–until I shared with them the scrumptious roast they devoured was pure 100 percent home grown lamb.

The raising of quality lamb parallels the growth of the economy in our state. In fact, did you know that Utah is ranked number seven in national sheep production, according to the 2010 National Agricultural Statistic Report?

However, its not simply numbers that place Utah on the board, its quality lamb–lamb that is raised in our local pastures and mountain lands. James and Linda Gillmor, from Delta are revolutionizing the way lamb in marketed in our state. In 2001, the couple began marketing their high quality product to prestigious restaurants and supermarkets across the state. Today, you can find Morgan Valley Lamb at Harmon’s, the Indoor’s Farmers Market, most Salt Lake City summer farmer’s markets and many different restaurants.

The key to lamb, like any other quality product is in the preparation. For some great recipes visit Morgan Valley Lamb’s site

Recently, Morgan Valley Lamb was showcased at the Governor’s Economic Summit Conference held at the Grand America Hotel.We recruited some enthusiastic marketing people from Wells Fargo to sample the product. Here’s their reaction: